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Portonaccio Sarcophagus

Hic romani et germani ingrediuntur in crudele pugna. Spectamus gravitatem belli Romanibus. Sarcophagus erat unum ex antiquiis formibus artis Romanae, sed hic concisus cultus venit imperiae tempore.
Here the Romans and Germans enter into a cruel battle. We see the importance of war for Romans. The sarcophagus was one of the oldest forms of Roman art, but this detailed style comes from the Imperial time.
Tiber god by the Tiber rome_2.jpg
Ecce! Tiber recubit flumine. Multae statuae constructebantur ut deos adorarent. imperatorii lactertosi et orae sunt.
Look Tiber reclines by the river. Many statues were built to honor the gods. Imperial muscles and face.

Selene so serene


Serene pondet Romanum cultum creandi feminas calcis. Habet placidamque teretem faciem.
Serene reflects the Roman style of creating stone women. She has a calm and smooth face.

Bacchus! (this selection does not represent the values of WSHS Latin or its contributers) rome_4.jpg
Caput Bacchi demonstrat Etruriae auctoritas in romana arte. Videtur liquefactus? et non formatus.
Bacchus shows the Etrsucan influence on Roman art. It appears melted and not formed.

Three Graces


Ego non scio quid loquiar. Lesbia stat cum amicis? Minime, est statua decoris in corpore et thermae Romanis.

I do not know what to say. Lesbia stands with friends? No, statue of baths and beauty in body for romans.

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"A Handbook of Roman Art" by Martin Henig